How Are E Rickshaws Helping The Public During Covid-19 Crisis?

battery operated e rickshaw

The usage of public communication continues to increase in times of the ongoing pandemic. Know how e rickshaws wholesalers are helping the citizens.

As infections caused due to Covid-19 are skyrocketing, the healthcare system is almost nearing a breaking point. With reports of an increasing number of patients getting infected by the deadly virus, and losing their lives due to inconvenience caused by lack of oxygen supply, the situation is grim. There are many individuals who have come out to support the sick and needy in collaboration with their local communities. 

E-Rickshaws Scenario in West Bengal:

Auto Rickshaws are the most widely used mode of transport in West Bengal. The auto-rickshaws here have a varied fuel source which includes LPG, diesel, mechanized vehicles.  However, with the emergence of the latest designs of e-rickshaws sold by wholesalers, the popularity of auto rickshaws is declining. The greener and eco-friendly variant has become very dear to the common public. The growing demand for battery-powered vehicles like e-bikes, rickshaws,  is due to their easy mobility, fuel efficiency, and affordability.

Especially in the current time of crisis, the e rickshaws are proving to be a savior. Here are few instances that will help you know-how:

  • E rickshaws have become the go-to mode of transport when there is any need to carry a patient from their homes to hospitals or healthcare centers. With the majority of the app-driven cabs refusing passengers, the e rickshaw drivers have been a relief for patients and their families. 
  • E rickshaw manufacturers in West Bengal have come together to stand in unison with the citizens to lend their helping hands. Some electric vehicles are in use as carriers for oxygen cylinders. 

A Better Solution Towards Convenient Transportation:

  • From the perspective of a traditional rickshaw puller, lack of access to sufficient funds and dwindling confidence to try new technology were the initial barriers. They had to break these shortcomings before upgrading to totos. With one change in perception many companies tied up with multiple agencies in procuring ready-to-drive e-rickshaws and totos. 
  • To gain an understanding of the three-wheeler market in India, it is important to identify the ongoing trends in the industry. You should have knowledge about the current market, anticipated growth, and how profitable it will be. Another factor is you should always be aware of leading market players. Get in touch with industry consultants from whom you can obtain research-based business advice, and make the right decision. 

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