Totos Are A Silver Lining for Poor Countries across the Globe

What is the prime and foremost problem that strikes your mind when you think of an over congested city? It definitely has to be the pathetic condition of the traffic on the streets of the city. With cars and vehicles everywhere, it does become a matter of hassle to travel past the streets of these cities. A Toto battery rickshaw might prove to be a savior in this case. Toto is the local name that is provided to a battery operated rickshaw not just in India, but in several other parts of the world.


If you think of pointing out the names of a few places apart from the streets of India where you might come across a battery operated rickshaw, you can bring about the mention of places like Bangkok and Cairo. These are some of the most famous places, where e rickshaws have been used a vital means of transportation among various other vehicles that seem to add on to the congestion of the places. In fact these have become a hot favorite of citizens who have been looking for an alternative transportation option than that of a taxi. Being of a comparatively smaller size, these automobiles can swiftly man oeuvre through the congested lanes with ease. Moreover, the travelling costs are much less compared to that of a taxi. Continue reading Totos Are A Silver Lining for Poor Countries across the Globe

The Chronological Evolution of Rickshaws through Time

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Deriving its name from the Japanese term Jinrikisha, rickshaws have been a known mode of transport for years now. Alike all other automobiles, e rickshaws too have undergone a definite transformation and evolution through the years now. Given the fact that rickshaws have manage to remain an economically cordial means of travelling short distances, the common masses continue to bask in the vehicle’s glory. E rickshaw manufacturers in India has welcomed this change in the best possible way and has in turn been churning out some of the best in the arena. Continue reading The Chronological Evolution of Rickshaws through Time

Rickshaw Supplier Spell Bounds Feel of Travelling

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Transport is the very essence of life. Some take shelter of it for necessity while some for just exploring life. From traditional era, rickshaw has been an unending source of pleasure for people coming from all walks of society. Technology has touched the very bit of human life and rickshaws are no exception to it. The hand driven rickshaw has slowly given birth to fuel driven varieties. Travelling has become swift and the simultaneous environment has also been hampered. Excessive damage to surroundings has forced human beings to think of more environment-friendly options. Continue reading Rickshaw Supplier Spell Bounds Feel of Travelling

How E Rickshaw Business Can Help In Our National Advancement?

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An e rickshaw can be called as the next generation of rickshaw which is predicted to dominate short distance communication at almost every area of India in the coming years. An e rickshaw which is also called a toto battery rickshaw offers a large number of advantages over traditional rickshaws and auto rickshaws which have made it a suitable short distance communication option both for its owner and for passengers. The most striking aspect of this vehicle is that it has the potential to minimize unemployment – one of the national problems of India. Definitely, you want to know how. A detailed explanation is given below for you to understand the great value of this business. Continue reading How E Rickshaw Business Can Help In Our National Advancement?