Covid-19 Pandemic And India’s E Rickshaws Market: What Can You Expect?

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The number of e rickshaws scouring is growing steadily. E rickshaw distributors in Kolkata believe that the pandemic is doing more good to this sector than harm. 

The second wave of covid-19 is spurring its head once again, and businesses are facing an economic downturn massively. With the lockdown imposed on various states, there has been a slowdown in the ease of doing business. As a result, there is a significant disruption in the demand and supply chain. The pandemic has a grave impact on oil prices that hit rock bottom. Oil prices & derailment of the economy from growth might dent the prospects of faster adoption of electric vehicles in our country. E rickshaw dealers’ availability in Kolkata constraint may impact the near-term demand.

According to the Centre of Civil Society, the number of E-Rickshaws increased from 4000 in 2010 to more than 1 Lakh. However, a large percentage of such vehicles have no registration. With urbanization at its peak and high demand for transportation, there is a lot at stake. The intricately designed E-Rickshaws that come with covered cabins and a full front windscreen will provide last-mile connectivity.

Factors That Will Benefit The E Rickshaws Market In The Coming Years Are:

It is needless to say that the great scope of the electric vehicle sector has also drawn many suppliers. Thus with so much emphasis on this sector, and with increasing numbers of players, it is important to regulate it properly. This is the only concern that the government should keep a look at. When the current pandemic situation subsides, the opportunities for the electric vehicle market will maximize ten folds. 

  • The availability of spare parts is extremely easy. You will not have to run from one place to another in search. Reputable e-rickshaw manufacturers not only deal in the vehicles but also sell replaceable parts. 
  • Another factor that is working in favour is the subsidies provided in the range of 25000 to 61000 depending on the product models and original equipment. Hence you can use the money to purchase the vehicle and use it as per your requirements. 
  • Maintaining is easier and there is no need to invest a lot in service. Both from the price point as well as in terms of time dedicated, there is very little work needed. 

The growth of the electronic rickshaw market is increasing at a fast pace as these are proving to be effective passenger carriers for short distances. If you want to deal in electric vehicles, approach Plaudit, the best e-rickshaw distributor in West Bengal.