How Is E Rickshaw Venture Helping The Drivers Earn A Better Living?

The latest design e rickshaws are a great addition to the already thriving market. Here is how electric vehicles can have positive influences. 

Growing up around manually pulled rickshaws, the one thing that we all know is the job is physically challenging for very little pay. It was then a common sight that the rickshaw pullers came from some of the most vulnerable communities of the society. Several years down the line, the scenario transformed for the better. Now, dealers of e-rickshaws in Kolkata are experiencing a thriving business. As the electric rickshaws replace the manual ones, there is enough relief from physical pain and drudgery. Thus the manual cycle rickshaw pullers are leading a far more dignified life. The second positive outcome of the advent of electric vehicles is a comparatively cleaner and safe medium of transport.  

Influences Of E Mobility On The Automobile Industry:

  • Operating Efficiency: Fuel costs are still the most important factor that contributes to high operational costs for any commercial vehicle. Every manufacturer in this sector has been actively looking for vehicles that increase durability, reliability, & reduce fuel costs at the same time. Electric vehicles satisfy all these aspects and hence a key choice for local companies that maintain a fleet of delivery service vehicles. 
  • Enhanced Connectivity: Who does not want a comfortable ride? A lightweight electric vehicle is no doubt the best option to maneuver ahead even through narrow lanes and crowded roads. In an effort to reduce fuel cost and human efforts, e-rickshaw, e-bikes and totos have gained much popularity over hand-pulled rickshaws. 

What Is The Social Impact Of The Various  E Rickshaw Enterprises In Kolkata?

One of the key goals of a reputed e rickshaw distributor in Kolkata is to improve the lives of the drivers who work with them. Usually, these people are not financially stable and come from the poorest backgrounds. Social enterprises are vital in reaching marginalized groups. This is because you have to understand the limitations of the end customer and reach out to them with the limited resources available. While it is true that money is one big hurdle for them but only money cannot help. In fact, they need training, education, and financial knowledge along with health insurance to ensure stability for the future. 


The first step should be quality assurance that includes inspecting. The load capacity of e rickshaw body parts, brake equipment, and also, turning radius. The prominent e-rickshaw supplier in Kolkata, Plaudit, is playing a key role in giving employment to people from poor backgrounds. They rely on these vehicles for their bread & also, better & the company is helping them raise their standard of living.