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Reasons why e-rickshaw Business Are So Popular

e rickshaw supplierIt is common in these days that every businessman buy e-rickshaw and starts up a new business. Also, among many passengers as well as entrepreneurs the popularity of the battery operated business has increased a lot. It is so because this particular vehicle actually is the very convenient to use as well as also chosen by the passengers to a great extent. This is mainly because the e-rickshaw is very eco-friendly and also it consumes very less amount of electric current for its operation. Continue reading Reasons why e-rickshaw Business Are So Popular

Important Tips to Buy Battery Operated Rickshaw

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Battery Operated Rickshaws have been popular since 2008 actually as a substitute to auto rickshaws because the later create pollution, as well as the cost of fuel, is a lot. While the battery operated rickshaw, on the other hand, run on battery as well as is eco-friendly.

The aptest and easiest way to purchase any kind of product is to ensure that for how long it will last basically means the durability. Also, it is important that before buying a battery operated rickshaw you must look for the reputed manufacturer as they will provide you the best quality of e-rickshaw and you will think that this investment is really worth it. Due, to the above reasons we could see that in a fast rate eRickshaw manufacturers in India are emerging. Thus, here are some of the important factors that you must look into before buying:- Continue reading Important Tips to Buy Battery Operated Rickshaw

E-Rickshaw – A Useful Future Public Transport In India

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Like whenever a new products enter in the market experts do criticize it. In the same way, electric rickshaws also face with some initial criticism when it first arrived in the market. Basically, the question on everyone’s head is about its effectiveness and how much it is efficient. It only continued till when all the roads of the country are filled with these e-rickshaws. Continue reading E-Rickshaw – A Useful Future Public Transport In India

E–Rickshaw Business – A New Opportunity for Small Entrepreneurs

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There are many upcoming small entrepreneurs who are actually very keen on doing their own business so that they can make some profit. However, it has been seen that the ventures which the small entrepreneurs are doing might not get back enough revenues and also face many hassles in running their business smoothly. So, what is the solution for this problem? The only thing which the small entrepreneurs can do is that they can opt for businesses where less risk is involved and even where the competition is very less. So, one of the best businesses which you can try up is the manufacturing of battery wala rickshaw. The demand of battery rickshaws has become very high among the common people and thus, is found in the cities also. Moreover, e–rickshaws have many usages as well, so it gives an ideal business opportunity to every small scale businessman. Continue reading E–Rickshaw Business – A New Opportunity for Small Entrepreneurs

Important Factors about Construction and Working of E-Rickshaw

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The electric rickshaw has been global since 1940’s from the time of post era. But, its utilization and popularity have actually come into prominence since last 4-5 years. Actually, the concept of tricycles with fuel run emerged at that time, after that the auto rickshaws has dominated the market. It is only in the year 2008 that battery operated rickshaw gain much importance worldwide. Continue reading Important Factors about Construction and Working of E-Rickshaw

E-Rickshaws are the New Small Business Idea

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In a country like India, people survive on small businesses. E-Rickshaws are a new stepping  stone in the transportation sector of India and it is becoming a very plausible and profitable small business opportunity.

India is a country of small businesses. Most of the population in this country thrives on the concept of ‘jugaad’. The concept of pulling in all your available resources into making a living in your life is the life blood of the Indian mentality. This prompts many problems for many people. Depending on the economic stability, the earnings of the population goes up and down. So people in India are always on the lookout for the best small business ideas. Be it opening a roadside eatery or selling clothes by the busy sidewalk or a dealership of any kind, small business ideas take shape out of nothing in India. E-rickshaws are a bright new business opportunity and many in this country are latching on to this hot new idea like bees to a pot of honey. Continue reading E-Rickshaws are the New Small Business Idea

E-Rickshaws – The Thing of the Future

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In a heavily polluted country like India, e-rickshaws are a welcome green patch of effective transportation. Entrepreneurs are applying to get dealerships of them and they have very good reasons to do so.

E-rickshaws are slowly becoming the future of transportation in the suburbs of the sub-continent. The fact that they are conventionally green in its usage of power is making it a prime vehicle of choice in a densely populated and polluted country of India and the sub-continent as a whole. Entrepreneurs are investing to buy e-rickshaw as they are finding them to be a vital and good upcoming business opportunity. The point of legality is still a concern for the e-rickshaws and the Delhi high court banned any e-rickshaws plying in the nation’s capital showing reasons of traffic jams. But due to its unique position in India’s ecosystem of transport they are very readily plying unencumbered in the various other parts of India. Continue reading E-Rickshaws – The Thing of the Future

Does your Neighbourhood Rickshaw wallah prefer an E-Rickshaw?

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Rickshaws are a part of the Indian consciousness. With the advent of e- rickshaws, the rickshaw pullers are shifting to these because they are also moving ahead with the times. They are good for both their pocket and health.

Rickshaw is a part of every Indians nostalgia. Wherever you may have lived, you have ridden a rickshaw. Be it in Karnataka or Jammu and Kashmir, rickshaws are always an essential part of our landscape. India is slowly catching up China and might well become the most populated country in the world and in this time of space crunch it is becoming difficult for mobility. Rickshaws are steadily becoming hindrances in the steady flow of traffic in our urban space. Primarily because they are pulled by a person and with a load on their back they cannot cope up with the pace of traffic in a main road or by-lanes of our cities. Battery operated rickshaw manufacturers are trying to revolutionise the way we look at rickshaws. They are fitting rickshaws with electrical motors and increasing the speeds at which they travel. Continue reading Does your Neighbourhood Rickshaw wallah prefer an E-Rickshaw?

Plaudit – Bringing Both Worlds Together

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The rural as well as the urban areas of India contribute to the financial development of the country in the most evident of ways. Electronic rickshaws have played a massive role in acting as a catalyst for the same.

If you have been keeping a close watch on the market that has been prevailing in the recent times, looking for the finest of all business opportunities must be on the top of your priority list. Every individual would definitely appreciate that bit of financial development that might come about foe them. This is one of the best kind of hope that has been brought about by Electric Rickshaw Suppliers in the recent years. Continue reading Plaudit – Bringing Both Worlds Together

Legal They Are, But Are They Regulated?

Delhi has always managed to be a centre of all action and humdrums irrespective of the topic and relevance of the matter in concern. The advent and proceedings in relation to the e rickshaws, similarly, has been a matter of great interest within the territory. A rising market for every battery operated rickshaw manufacturer , there has been several controversies and rising connotations in relation to the efficiency and the regulations of the vehicle.



The licensing of the vehicle and the permission of it to move freely earlier had been a winning stance for all electric rickshaw suppliers as well as drivers. On the hand battery operated vehicles were exempted or rather refused to be included in the Motor Vehicles Act. This essentially meant that the automobiles did fall out of all kinds of jurisdiction that was applied to other automobiles. This in turn made them quite unregulated than the rest. In fact this too was consider to be a great gift by many in the fraternity as they sensed complete freedom. But was this a blessing or a curse in disguise for all? Continue reading Legal They Are, But Are They Regulated?