All About Electric Vehicle Market: Positives & Negatives Implications

Citizens are looking for cost-effective transport options for short-distance communication with electric vehicle. Know what battery operated e rickshaw distributors have to say. 

Indian electric rickshaw market size is likely to rise to $1,394.2 million by 2025 from $786.2 million in 2019. This proclaims that the Toto manufacturing companies in Kolkata and other states are going to experience an all-time high. As India is still a developing nation, there is a major scope of improvement in terms of living standards. Thus, electric vehicles like e cycles, totos, and e scooters prove to be the best option. 

Rides on electric rickshaws in the country, which are typically 1 km long, cost around INR 10 per head. This is way cheaper if you compare it with an autorickshaw or a two-wheeler. Furthermore, if an e-rickshaw has 5 passengers and each pays 15 Rs for 5 km, the driver earns Rs 75. Thus, this is another reason for the growth of the Indian electric rickshaw market. 

The global automotive industry is undergoing a cascade of changes. Hence, the ones new in the automotive industry should prepare thoroughly for the changing landscape as India grows exponentially. E rickshaw manufacturers in West Bengal should gear up for an effective change from the business perspective. This venture will be beneficial for both the dealers as well as customers. 

Positive Influences Of The Electric Vehicle industry?

  • Operating Efficiency: Fuel costs are still the most important factor that contributes to high operational costs for any commercial vehicle. Every manufacturer in this sector has been actively looking for vehicles that increase durability, reliability, & reduce fuel costs at the same time. Electric vehicles satisfy all these aspects and hence a key choice for local companies that maintain a fleet of delivery service vehicles. 
  • Enhanced Connectivity: Who does not want a comfortable ride? A lightweight electric vehicle is no doubt the best option to maneuver ahead even through narrow lanes and crowded roads. In an effort to reduce fuel cost and human efforts, e-rickshaw, e-bikes and totos have gained much popularity over hand-pulled rickshaws. 

What Can Hamper The Growth Of The Electric Vehicle Market?

  • Inadequate Charging Infrastructure: The electric vehicles run on Li-ion batteries that require charging. The lack of efficient and adequate charging citations has become a concern. Due to this scarcity, there are many e rickshaw drivers who are illegally using overhead electric wires to charge their vehicles. This not only goes against the law but is equally dangerous. 
  • Lack Of Clarity On Operational Guidelines: Regulatory barriers for adoption of e rickshaws are extremely lenient. This has become a problem as it directly affects passenger and driver safety. Proper guidelines, policy recommendations, and better operational strategies will promote the growth of this segment. 

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