Contribution Of E Vehicles To The Transport Sector & Market Scenario

The road transport sector takes up 80% of passenger transportation. Know from e vehicles or, e rickshaw distributors in Kolkata about the current market scenario of this industry. 

Road transport in India plays a crucial role in the country’s economic progress. The economic growth in a region can be understood from the increase in transportation activities. In India, a majority of the transport occurs in urban areas and townships. With the emergence of the latest design e rickshaws, wholesalers are of the opinion the pressure on traditional fuel sources is less. 

Current Market Review: E Rickshaws

The electric vehicles that are operating on the roads in tier 2 and also, tier 3 cities are providing last-mile connectivity solutions to these people? In a recent report, the facts stated that the e-rickshaw market in India is going to witness a boost in sales. It is from 1 million units to 4 million by 2025. Even before the government announced its intention to have an electric fleet by 2030. There were already hundreds of vehicles out on the road.

Reason For Popularity Of Battery-Powered Vehicles

E-rickshaw is slowly becoming more popular in some cities in India. Also, it can be referred to as the best option for pocket-friendly transportation. Still, the e-vehicle market share is less than 1 percent. Adding to this it has become a highly dependable mode of communication in the coming years. It has become a lucrative professional choice for people of rural India. Or people in cities belonging to the low-income category. With stringent emission norms, awareness about rising air pollution, electric vehicles seem to be a perfect choice. Since these vehicles power on lead batteries or solar energy. There is no question of petrol, diesel, or CNG, thereby causing zero health hazards. 

Apart from these advantages, e rickshaw suppliers in the Kolkata area are experiencing benefits like:

  • Employment Opportunities
  • Less Investment
  • Increased customer satisfaction

Final Thoughts

Though marketers and also, industry leaders are expecting a high surge in the use of battery-powered vehicles. According to them, the market is highly fragmented. There are a number of unorganized domestic players. Who has been a massive contribution to sales? But the question is whether their investment in this sector is going to be constant? Or whether this was a one-act play? 

The answer to this we will find out in the upcoming years. We will also witness whether the electric vehicle business will flourish doubly in the future or not. 

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