E Rickshaws: Best Options For Last Mile Connectivity

e rickshaw manufacturer in west bengal

With no combustion and the release of harmful chemicals in the air, it is possible to dream about a clearer & greener environment with ICAT approved e rickshaws. 

Three-wheeler transport vehicles have become spontaneous market responses to reliable, efficient, eco-friendly, and also, affordable short-range public transport services. Since its inception in 1997 when it first hit the roads with its two-stroke engines that polluted the city more, circumstances are not the same anymore. The Environment Pollution Control Authority (EPCA) pointed out that the e-rickshaw manufacturers operating now in West Bengal and also, other parts of the country are aware of the fuel policies and safety norms. 

Why Is Opting For E Rickshaws A Safe Choice?

  • This mode of transport is now catering to a sizable portion of our population. In mega Indian cities, e rickshaws are meeting nearly 5% of the travel demand without degrading the environment. Additionally, in smaller cities, they meet 40-70 percent of the public transport gap. Now imagine if these vehicles go out of service, it will lead to an enormous public transport deficit. In remote areas and also, interiors where traveling through buses is not possible, e rickshaws have been a major boon. Due to these vehicles, a high percentage of work trips are accessible within just 15 minutes.
  • Secondly, with the demand for battery-operated vehicles shooting sky-high, many big companies are rolling out plans to manufacture these vehicles at the fastest rate. In the opinion of e rickshaw dealers in Kolkata, the sale of battery-powered vehicles is maximum in the unorganized sector.  Not only is it benefiting small and medium scale dealers but it is also creating opportunities for the buyers who are able to get a new source of income. 

Purchase quality electric scooters,  e-bicycles, e rickshaws from Plaudit,  the trusted ICAT approved e rickshaw manufacturer in Kolkata. Some of their most popular products include:

PLAUDIT 100 E- Rickshaw:-

Major Features Are: 

  • DC brushless motor type 
  • Power (Watt): 48V/850W with  24 tube Controller
  • Charging time:6-7 hour
  • The selling points are low investment, 90 – 110 km can drive in a single Charge.
  • Speed up to 25 km/hr

PLAUDIT 100 PLUS E- Rickshaw:-

Major Features Are: 

  • Motor Type: DC brush-less
  • Power (Watt): 48V/850W
  • Continued trip mileage: 80-90 Km
  • Break Type: double rear drum brake
  • Special features include rear-view spring suspension, fan, and also, a rear-view camera


Major Features Are: 

  • Motor Type: DC series excitation brush-less
  • Power (Watt) :48V/850W  with24 tube controller
  • Transmission Mode: Gear
  • Climbing ability:<=20 Degree
  • Break Type: double rear drum brake
  • Special features include side cover, full-body leather finish, Roof Light, Foot Mat Conductor Bag, Key Ring

The brand ‘Plaudit‘ guarantees quality products that are secure and also lasts long without frequent servicing.