Major Challenges Faced While Setting Up E Rickshaw Business

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E rickshaw manufacturers in West Bengal suggest that in spite of the three-wheeler vehicle being a growing industry. There are some problems that are hard to overlook. Read to know more. 

The need for alternative fuel sources is quite crucial at this time when pollution and environmental air quality degradation are at their peak. Toto manufacturers in Kolkata have therefore become one of the most sought out marketers as everyone is rooting for a cleaner and pollution-free environment. However, setting up a new industry or a business has its fair share of difficulties in its initial phase. Though it is a true fact that there are many reasons which facilitate the electric vehicle industry but the challenges are equally strong. 

Innovation and creativity are always appreciated all across the world but to make a business successful practicality and efficiency are the keys. Apart from social impediments, there are many other factors that can be a roadblock in a flourishing e rickshaw vehicle industry. 

Some Of The Problems Encountered By E Rickshaw Manufacturing Companies In Kolkata:-

  1. Arranging E Rickshaw Components:- 

Finding the right components for manufacturing e rickshaws can prove to be a challenge in some places.  Electric rickshaws are generally built over a tubular chassis body. The weights of the body are light in order to ensure greater battery life. Along with it, other important parts include the motor, controller, harness, and throttle. A mismatch in any of these components can cause a nuisance in driving in the longer run. 

  1. Expenses:-

Finance is in itself a tricky subject and in the case of business, and it is a driving factor. If you are starting your e rickshaw business venture you should be thorough about all the expenses and the cost from manufacturing to delivering. The cost of materials, labor, batteries along proper advertisements should all be taken into account. You should also keep in mind the expense related to repair and maintenance.

  1. Technical Defects:- 

There is news surfacing on the web and questions raised about e-rickshaw safety. As the vehicle is comparatively light, there have been many accidents caused by drivers’ carelessness. Moreover, manufacturing and technical defects also compromise the safety quotient to a greater level. Also, the absence of stringent policies limiting e rickshaw speed is extremely important for reducing mishaps. Buyers also stress the need to improve the load-carrying capacity of e rickshaws. 

  1. Harmful Batteries:- 

One of the major disadvantages is the use of lead batteries in e rickshaws. Today most of the batteries used are lead-acid batteries and there are dangers to it. The deep discharge of lead-acid batteries is extremely harmful. Eye contact  or swallowing can cause internal damages. Also, these have a short lifespan, making your expense increase due to the constant changing of the batteries. 


If business owners maintain all the government  guidelines and protocols that ensure e rickshaw safety, use lithium-ion batteries, and keep a check on  proper quality control, this can be a thriving business. 
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