E-Rickshaws: An Alternate Mode of Public Transport System

Pros And Cons of E-Rickshaws

E-rickshaws have become a preferred choice of transportation medium due to their numerous advantages. Know from e rickshaw manufacturers its merits & challenges.

Electric vehicles have been around for quite some years now and are fully operative and functional. ICAT approved e rickshaw manufacturers are in the limelight as they have become a hugely popular addition to the automobile industry. These battery-powered vehicles have been successful in the Indian market in spite of having fewer features and not being technologically sound. 

Merits Of Battery Powered Transport Vehicles:-

  • Road transport in India plays a crucial role in the country’s economic progress. The economic growth in a region can be understood from the increase in transportation activities. The road transport sector takes up 80% of passenger transportation. In India, a majority of the transport occurs in the urban areas, suburbs, and township. With the emergence of e rickshaws, e-bikes, totos, and e scooters there has been less pressure on fuel consumption.
  • These vehicles have proven to be a comfortable and convenient ride for most passengers. Unlike the physically pulled rickshaws, the e rickshaws provide a ride that is smooth. Especially for narrow roads, bylanes and bumpy roads e rickshaws are the best options as you do not feel the experience in an ordinary rickshaw.
  • E rickshaws are now frequently available, unlike auto-rickshaws for which you have to stand in ques for a long period of time. Moreover, the fare is reasonable and you don’t have to shell extra money from your pocket.

Challenges With Battery-operated Vehicles And Their Solutions:-

  • One of the major concern areas is e rickshaws are still not under legalized transport guidelines. As a result, these do not have permission to ferry passengers on the main roads. 
  • Secondly, there are some technical problems in the designing of the vehicles which can hamper the safety features. There are certain e-rickshaw distributors who do not put much interest in the products. They are distributing or purchasing and thus do not check whether the vehicle lives up to the prescribed safety guidelines. 
  • The Government has taken an active interest in dealing with the challenges. The first and foremost rule is the legalization of these vehicles. The rule directed the local power to register the automobile, give permits, and provide a separate driving license for the drivers. 
  • From the technical point of view, the amendment regularized the highest speed of the vehicle at 25 km/h. and the mortar size to a maximum limit of 2kW.   

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