E-Rickshaws Safety Guidelines For A Better And Safe Experience

How Safe Is Your Electric Rickshaw? Find Out Here.

The government has successfully regulated the safety guidelines of electric rickshaws.Which is to work in the best interest of its passengers. It aims at safeguarding the quality of the electric rickshaws.  

Ever growing pollution has raised long due concerns of the environment in the masses. Which results into the popularity of eco-friendly vehicles such as electric rickshaws. The eco-friendly vehicle advantage is fully recognizing and prompt.  

Electric rickshaws are not only environmentally friendly but also cost and fuel effective. Owing to such pros, electric rickshaws have become matters of national concern and governments too are promoting their use.

The government has taken various initiatives to boost the electric rickshaw sector. It is helping battery operated e rickshaw distributors all around the nation. These features and support from the administration have also drawn many suppliers in the electric rickshaws sector. Which increases the number of electric rickshaw distributors in Kolkata. This often gives rise to unhealthy and unethical competition among different battery operated e rickshaw distributors. Which in some way or the other harms the interest of common people.

Therefore, to avoid these circumstances, the government has put some regulations on the battery-operated e rickshaw distributors, to safeguard the interest and safety of the passengers.

Safety Guidelines For Electric Rickshaws:-

Apart from ecological, electric rickshaws are super cheap to travel as compared to your non-electric automobiles. However, the need of having certain safety guidelines continues to come into frame, to protect the best safety of the passengers. 

Lets us take a look, that what are safety guidelines electric rickshaw manufacturer or distributor has to abide by:

  • The electric rickshaw drivers cannot carry more than 4 (including him) people in an electric rickshaw. Also, the electric rickshaw can carry a weight less than or equal to 40 kg of luggage.
  • The government has also restricted the power of electric rickshaws, that is, not more than 2000 watts. As high power can often result in speedy drivings risking the lives of the passengers. 
  • A person must have a government authorized license in his/her name. To be able to drive the electric rickshaw. This license is proof that the electric rickshaw driver is proficient in driving and knows the road conditions well. 
  • It is advisable and also ideal to purchase or to travel electric rickshaw. Authorized by a government identified company, for safety and quality assurance. 

These are the four safety guidelines in the Motor vehicle Act to protect the interests of the masses. Plaudit E-rickshaws is a government authorized e rickshaws distributor in west Bengal. We aim to protect the best interest and safety of your consumers and passengers.