Advantages of Electric Vehicles: Why Should You Avail it?

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If you have been wondering why e cycle distributors in West Bengal have been successful in attracting a huge pool of customers, here is what you need to know. 

Electric or battery-powered vehicles have become the most preferred choice of transportation due to the vast range of advantages it offers. Today e rickshaw and e-cycle distributors in West Bengal are enjoying a profitable business.

1. Why Are E-Rickshaws Celebrated In India?

  • Reduced Air Pollution:- The most crucial reason for e rickshaw distributor business in West Bengal gaining momentum is it does not cause air pollution. Since these vehicles power on lead batteries or solar energy, there is no question of petrol, diesel, or CNG. Consequently, there is no hefty air pollution or emission of harmful gases. E rickshaws and other battery-operated automobiles help in combating the serious issue of air pollution.
  • Better Connectivity At the Grass-Root Level:- There are many rural villages and interior suburban areas that still do not have access to proper roads. E rickshaws are saviors for the people residing in these areas. The electric vehicles are ideal for the narrow lanes and bylanes. Moreover, it has a better turning radius making it suitable to pass through congested roads and even cut-through traffic.  
  • Low Operational Costs:- Running or maintaining electric rickshaws are very low. Since these vehicles run on batteries, the cost of such batteries is meager. As a result, it proves to be an efficient choice not only for passengers for the low fares but for dealers as well. With fuel prices skyrocketing and costing a fortune, this alternate mode of transport is a huge source of relief. 

2. How Can  E-Cycles Be Beneficial For You?

  • Improves Your Fitness Quotient: A single charge on your e cycle can take you as far as 30 km. Just think if you can cover so much distance in just one ride. Imagine how much endurance you can build up. With little exhaustion as you don’t have to put much effort into pedaling, you get the chance of improving metabolism. Another major benefit is it improves blood circulation and regular exercising with e-cycles will help you release stress.
  • Economical: E-bikes or cycles are more economical than your fuelled bikes and costs way cheaper than buying an electric vehicle for the city. They provide comfort while cycling and get you places at speed cutting through the traffic. It is safe and most importantly weighs less on your pocket starting from purchase, operational, and maintenance costs.

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