Saving Time & Money: Transportation Via Electric Rickshaws

e rickshaw

Customer satisfaction, reduced air pollution & increased convenience, e rickshaw or electric rickshaw distributors in Kolkata are seeing a sharp increase in the sale of the vehicles. 

E-rickshaws are similar to a motorcycle combined with a rickshaw that has immense potential to provide low-cost mobility to most citizens of India. E rickshaws offer more advantages than common auto rickshaws. But the only problem is that these vehicles require to increase regulation to correctly ensure passenger safety. The latest design e rickshaw wholesalers are manufacturing updated models to make the journey easier, more comfortable, and safer. 

Electric Rickshaw Technicalities, Features, And Maintenance:

Major Features: 

  • The electric rickshaws vehicles have brushless DC motors for propulsion and powerful lead batteries. The number of batteries present in an e rickshaw is 4. 
  • Some e rickshaws come fitted with satellite navigation devices to ensure timely and safe service for passengers. There are other improved e-rickshaws that also have the facility to be fitted with GPS locator devices. 
  • The e-rickshaws guarantee zero-emission means of transport for passengers and have a remarkable shape, comfortable design, and superior technical features.
  • The e-rickshaw is capable enough to run at the speed of 25km per hr or 15mph.

Tyre Maintenance:

  • You need to check your vehicles’ tyres once a week or at least every fortnight. Deep treads are crucial for keeping your car safe on wet roads, so do keep in mind that they are legally compliant.
  • E rickshaw manufacturers in West Bengal feel that to reduce uneven wear and tear rotating your tyre is a must. Thus, checking whether the tyres rotate properly or not will ensure a safer, smooth, and convenient drive. 
  • You need to refill air in the tyres every month or so depending on the specifications. If you overfill your tyres they may crack under pressure and burst. However, a slight excess will not cause any problem and it can reduce the chances of flatspot.


With greater future prospects and a wide range of opportunities, the industry is going to see the involvement of many marketers. So, if you are seriously thinking of starting your own battery-powered business franchise, you should associate with a leading company. The advantage of becoming an e rickshaw distributor of the leading supplier would mean you have the best products in the market.

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