How To Mitigate The Risks Of Travelling By E Rickshaws? Safety Measures

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E rickshaws are proving to be an efficient means of transport replacing the traditional fuel sources. Know about the safety measures from toto dealers in Kolkata.

The three-wheeler vehicle industry in India has been under constant focus. With both the central and state government’s interest to boost the e-rickshaw industry, there is no more stopping. E rickshaw dealers in Kolkata are experiencing an increase in demand for superior quality products. Today, these humble vehicles have literally made lives much easier. They are carrying on an amazing job of ushering clean transportation in town. 

With better occupancy, easy availability, and low fares, electric totos, rickshaws have become majorly popular in this state. Coupled with customer satisfaction and reduced air pollution, these vehicles are here to stay. However, apart from the advantages of e rickshaws, there are certain factors that need careful consideration. When it concerns transportation, following the right safety norms are extremely important. The security and safety of the passengers along with the drivers is of prime importance. Thus, to help you identify the protective measures and the current safety issues, we are listing down the points: 

Major Concerns:

  • There are e rickshaws that hold 7-8 passengers in their aluminum body that are actually designed to hold a maximum of 6 passengers. 
  • There have been reports that uphold the accident cases due to failure of the braking system. 
  • Rash driving is on the rise and there are drivers who still do not have a valid license. 
  • The sharp turning capability of the battery-driven rickshaws coupled with its high speed also raises particular questions about its strategy of taking turns. 

How To Implement Safety Measures?

  • More encouragement should be given to ICAT approved e rickshaw manufacturers. As these have approval from the government, hence they are completely safe. 
  • To make sure that e rickshaws are safe, the first step should be a quality assurance that includes inspecting the load capacity of e rickshaws. 
  • There should be a limitation on the power of e rickshaws. Higher power means that the drivers may ride the e-rickshaw at a much higher speed capable of mishaps. 

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