A Brief Comparison Between Electric Scooter & Petrol Scooter

electric scooter

Wondering which scooter to buy between petrol and electric variant? Learn what electric scooter suppliers in Kolkata have to say.

The two wheeler technology has been effective in creating a revolution in the automobile industry. Until recently petrol was the only fuel source that powered the scooters. However, now there is a second option for customers to choose from. We are pointing towards electric scooters that run on batteries. According to electric scooter suppliers in Kolkata, there is a lot of misinformation and doubts about the sustainability of these new-age vehicles. In this blog, we are going to draw a comparison between the advantages and disadvantages of the petrol-driven scooters and electric scooters. This will give you a clear understanding between the two types of vehicles and help you choose the one that suits you more. 

Comparison Between Petrol Scooter & Electric Scooters:

  • Fuel Cost: The average petrol scooter offers about 50-60 kilometers per liter. On the other hand, an electric scooter will offer the same mileage as a petrol scooter at 15% of the cost of one liter of fuel. Thereby making it very pocket-friendly over the long term. In this case, the electric scooters definitely ate a better option than the traditional ones.
  • Operational Cost: Petrol scooters are the most common mode of transport in India and is thus present everywhere. So, the range of a conventional scooter is limitless. Electric scooters are great for short daily use but still have room for improvements for longer rides. According to electric powered scooter manufacturers in Kolkata, for long-distance rides, there should be some improved beneficial features. 
  • Convenience: Fueling a petrol bike is much easier. It only takes a few minutes at the fuel station. On the flip side, an electric scooter needs at least a couple of hours for a full charge. While there are many e-scooters that come with removable batteries, it is surely a time-consuming process. 
  • Maintenance: petrol scooters need frequent servicing as there can be wear and tear of the mechanical parts. Usually, battery powered scooters do not have much problems in maintenance but there can be some over-long term use. 
  • Pricing: There are many petrol scooters available in varying price points depending on the engine capacity that you can opt for. Electric scooters tend to be more expensive than their petrol counterparts. The best-rated electric scooters run on lithium-ion batteries, which make them expensive.

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