Present And Future Of Electric Vehicles: How To Better The Service?

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Initially launched during early 2010, three-wheeler battery powered e rickshaws operated with the sole aim of phasing out physically taxing cycle rickshaws. At that time e rickshaw manufacturers in West Bengal were unaware that these vehicles would bring about a revolutionary change in the city. Considered as the most cleaner, and affordable mode of transport for last-mile connectivity, battery-operated vehicles are definitely here to say. 

It is important for any business to give profound importance to customers. The more customer-centric the mode of transport, also the more convenient will it be for people to avail themselves. This is where electric vehicles score highly. Passengers are happy due to its ease of availability, cost-effectiveness, and positive contribution towards a cleaner environment. Also, with the demand for battery-operated vehicles shooting sky-high, many big companies are rolling out plans to manufacture these vehicles at the fastest rate. Reduced expense on fuel and declining battery prices along with government policies, make this venture a profitable one for those who are venturing into this business for the first time.   

Are There Any Concerns With Electric Vehicles That General People Should Be Careful About?

  • Though there are numerous benefits of e-rickshaws, certain concerns still prevail. Due to the exponential growth of e rickshaws, the roads have become much more congested. This in turn can cause fatal accidents and the consequences can be worse. 
  • Another cause of concern is the unauthorized charging stations that are cropping up. Coupled with this, lack of regulatory framework is creating a lot of problems.  Agencies like ICAT and ARAI control the design, structure of the e vehicles. Substandard vehicles by few manufacturers also raise the stakes of risks high. 

How To Address The Rising Concerns?

To make sure that e rickshaws are safe. The first step should be a quality assurance that includes inspecting the load capacity of e rickshaw body parts, brake equipment, and turning radius. People who drive e rickshaws should be penalized. If they do not adhere to the vehicle rules laid down by the government. This will ensure the safety of both the passengers as well as drivers. The objective should be quality and safe products. With the demand to rise doubly in the coming years, the Government should take an active interest in bettering the technological capacity to manufacture these. 
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