The Scope Of Battery Powered E Rickshaws In The Indian Market

e rickshaw manufacturer in west bengal

To reduce fuel-cost and human efforts, e-vehicles have been in the limelight. Know what toto manufacturing companies in Kolkata have to say about its growing importance.

The auto emissions of conventional fuel sources like petrol, diesel, and CNG have become a cause of concern for everyone. From the central government to state governments and NGOs, everyone is  supporting the use of ICAT approved e rickshaws and other battery-powered vehicles for pollution-free transport. 

What Factors Are Contributing To The Growth  Of Battery Powered Vehicles?

  • Unusually High Fuel Price

The rising fuel price has been the talk of the town ever since. News of fuel price hikes has become a common affair on the TV, and in newspapers. Such sky rising prices have not only made transport difficult for common people. But the bus, taxi, auto-rickshaw drivers are also in a fix. Thus more and more people are trying out a viable mode of transport – the electric run vehicles. 

  • Alternative Transport Option: 

We already mentioned that the pollution caused by traditional fuel sources is making matters worse healthwise as well as environmentally. Today, there are more passengers who are seeking an eco-friendly mode of transport. Since, e rickshaws, totos, e-bikes run on electricity, pollution levels will be under check. Also with an alternate option to run vehicles, it is possible that the prices of diesel and petrol will come down. 

  • Ban On Fuel-powered Vehicles

The global automotive industry is undergoing a cascade of changes according to e rickshaw manufacturers in West Bengal. The expected ban on fuel-powered vehicles is increasing the demand for e rickshaws. Every manufacturer in this sector has been actively looking for vehicles that increase durability, reliability, & reduce fuel costs at the same time. Hence this sector is opening up opportunities for local companies that maintain a fleet of delivery and passenger service vehicles. 

  • Stringent Emission Norms: 

Amidst the lockdown, India switched to new emission norms laid down by  Bharat Stage Emission Standards. The new rule is stricter and more stringent for petrol, diesel, and CNG field vehicles. This has become a piece of crashing news for many as they need to service their vehicles if those are old and abide by the new standard. This again has been a key factor in the emergence of more battery-powered vehicles. 


Thus with the government boosting the sector, all facilities to set up the business venture of electric vehicles should be easily accessible. This includes getting easy finances, important permissions for the safe and secure drive. 
The quick exposure of e rickshaws on Indian streets has definitely been a boon on the common man due to their cost-effectiveness, convenience, ease of availability. Get in touch with Plaudit, the leading wholesaler of quality electric scooters,  e-bicycles, and e rickshaws in the latest designs.