Totos Are A Silver Lining for Poor Countries across the Globe

What is the prime and foremost problem that strikes your mind when you think of an over congested city? It definitely has to be the pathetic condition of the traffic on the streets of the city. With cars and vehicles everywhere, it does become a matter of hassle to travel past the streets of these cities. A Toto battery rickshaw might prove to be a savior in this case. Toto is the local name that is provided to a battery operated rickshaw not just in India, but in several other parts of the world.


If you think of pointing out the names of a few places apart from the streets of India where you might come across a battery operated rickshaw, you can bring about the mention of places like Bangkok and Cairo. These are some of the most famous places, where e rickshaws have been used a vital means of transportation among various other vehicles that seem to add on to the congestion of the places. In fact these have become a hot favorite of citizens who have been looking for an alternative transportation option than that of a taxi. Being of a comparatively smaller size, these automobiles can swiftly man oeuvre through the congested lanes with ease. Moreover, the travelling costs are much less compared to that of a taxi.

A sigh of relief for underdeveloped countries

In the world of fast growing economy, there are a number of countries that are yet underdeveloped when it comes to their state of economy. Kathmandu is one of the finest tourist places in the present times. However, a closer look at the streets of Kathmandu will help you get an idea of the extremely slow moving traffic of the area. It is here that a battery operated rickshaw manufacturer has provided the city with one of the best gifts in form of an electronic auto rickshaw. Having known to have the lowest economy rate among the countries in the world, Nepal has opened its arms widely to the business of an automated e rickshaw. More than over 100,000 commuters in the country have indulged in the operating and availing of this form of transportation.

There has been an intense competition between the operation of a diesel operated rickshaw and an electric one in the country of Nepal. As far as the effect of the transport system on economy is concerned, a major section of the masses related to this field has been blaming the economic drawback of the country of Nepal to the use of diesel run vehicles all across the nation. Thus, the use of these battery operated rickshaws have been an endeavor to help the economy of the nation to flourish as a whole.

The use of safe and clean technology is definitely an added benefit that has helped popularize these vehicles to an amazing extent. To sum up the matter we might say that Nepal is one among several other companies that have been highly benefited economically via the usage of these electronic vehicles.