Top 6 Business Benefits Of a Battery Wala Rickshaw

battery wala rickshaw

The time has come to welcome a new era of short distance communication-the era of battery wala rickshaw. Such a rickshaw is an appropriate replacement of a manually run rickshaw since it has proved to be advantageous in a large number of ways. Such a rickshaw is also called e-rickshaw. Day by day, it is gaining more and more importance from common people since it is overcoming several drawbacks of traditional rickshaws which have been extensively used all over the country for ages. This new type of rickshaw runs on rechargeable batteries which gives a new definition of the working mechanism of a rickshaw. But why this battery wala rickshaw is so special to own for a person? Let’s check it out.

No need of fuel – A traditional rickshaw which runs on human effort needs fuel to operate. This fuel may be diesel or petrol. The owner has to spend a lot of money for it to function. The amount of money which is generated as his earnings never improves his economical condition because of the fuel expenses he needs to make. On the other hand, an e-rickshaw operates on batteries which can be effectively charged whenever, wherever required. Thus, fuel need is totally eliminated which minimizes the functioning expense for its owner. The money saved becomes valuable addition to his monthly income.

Cheaper to purchase- An e rickshaw costs remarkably lesser than traditional rickshaws. At the same time, it offers more advantages as compared to manually functioned rickshaws. This ensures a lot greater value for investment. These rickshaws operating on batteries are more affordable for people who belong to lower class category or for people residing in remote regions.

Environment-friendly – An e rickshaw causes no environmental pollution and thus it is completely safe to use. No smoke is emitted because the vehicle does not operate on any type of fuel. Environmental pollution is one of the most threatening national problems of India. So use of e rickshaws will greatly check environmental pollution caused by vehicles or automobiles used for short distance communication.

Long functioning life – A rickshaw which runs on batteries effectively functions for a lot longer span of time if compared to traditional rickshaws. They need minimum repair which greatly saves maintenance cost for the owner. This greatly adds to the income of the owner and accordingly assures the owner about his judicious purchase.

Greater passenger accommodation– This type of rickshaw can accommodate much greater number of passengers in comparison to traditional rickshaws which ensures greater income for the owner.

Richer franchising opportunities– This battery wala rickshaw offers great distributorship opportunities for an individual. Owning such a product or becoming a franchise is of nearly equal profit. With so many advantages available in one product, is there any doubt an individual is going to think about buying any other vehicle for starting a short distance communication business?

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