8 Advantages of Using an E Cargo Rickshaw for Transportation of Goods in Bulk Quantities

battery operated rickshaw

E Rickshaws have redefined the concept of a rickshaw by adding a great variety of essential utilities to it. Traditional manually run rickshaws are slowly decreasing in purchases due to the high functionality of e rickshaws. A special type of e rickshaw has arrived in the market which is earning attention of good distributers – e cargo rickshaw. It is a completely battery operated rickshaw and offers a large number of important uses. It has established itself as an outstanding vehicle for carrying various types of goods. The important features of an e cargo rickshaw are concisely explained below.

Ability to carry enormous quantities of goods – A high quality e cargo rickshaw is capable of carrying upto 1 ton of goods which is equal to 1000 kilograms! When any goods dealer urgently needs a huge quantity of goods supply, he can think about an e cargo rickshaw as an excellent option for the necessary transportation.

Tilted carriage facility – An e cargo rickshaw is provided with a tilted carriage system. It ensures easy adjustment in carrying of goods in unfavourable street conditions.

Economical in use – This vehicle totally runs on electricity. So the owner does not need to spend a single buck on purchasing any expensive fuel for the vehicle to operate. This greatly saves the running cost of the vehicle for the owner which he/she can invest in other fruitful purposes.

Rechargeable – This vehicle runs on powerful batteries which can be easily recharged anywhere anytime. Once recharged, it runs for a long time with high efficiency.

Highly durable for use – The vehicle has a very strong body and is highly resistant to wear and tear over time. The owner does not need to put too much attention on the maintenance of this robust product. It offers appreciable functioning for a long time without much maintenance or repair.

Completely safe for the environment – This vehicle does not run on fuels and accordingly does not emit environment-polluting smoke. Thus, it is environmentally safe to use. If this vehicle runs in large numbers by replacing traditional trucks, matadors or manually run rickshaws, then smoke pollution can be greatly checked.

Powerful Motor – The vehicle runs on a powerful motor which enables the driver to operate it with great convenience. Once loaded irrespective of the quantity of goods, the vehicle can be efficiently driven for long distances without the slightest amount of slow functioning.

Powerful hand and foot brake – The vehicle has highly powerful hand and foot brakes which makes it easy for the driver to run the vehicle in traffic congested areas and narrow streets.

The e cargo rickshaw is a fantastic transport vehicle to own. Enormous quantities of all types of goods can be carried by this vehicle with minimum exhaustion which makes it a must-have for every goods dealer. It widens the utility of an e rickshaw.

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