How Can Electric Rickshaws Transform Urban Mobility Across India?

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The electric vehicle industry is growing fast. Toto manufacturing companies in Kolkata stand a huge potential to take their business to the next level with increasing demand.

One of the most widely used modes of transport is auto-rickshaws. They connect intermediate public transport to the mass transport systems like buses, trains, metros. They have become widespread in all Indian cities. Amidst this, the e-rickshaw manufacturers in Kolkata and other major cities are carrying out their  business successfully. E rickshaws came into existence in 2011 as a cheaper alternative to traditional rickshaws and have been a huge hit. 

E rickshaws are quite similar to motorcycles combined with rickshaws. These have a great potential to provide low cost-mobility to citizens of India. It uses one or more electric motors or traction motors for propulsion. Today, there are several car manufacturers, mobility solution providers, and app-based transportation  companies.  They are slowly entering this industry with better technologies and visibility. 

How To Ensure A Safe Ride With  E Rickshaws?

  • First and foremost city leaders should respond to the rising e rickshaw demands with stricter regulation. 
  • Quality inspection is another important factor that needs immediate focus. Any failure to conduct a proper inspection of the vehicles’ body parts can be the cause of fatal accidents. 
  • Brake equipment, turning radius, load capacity all these factors are important that need to be checked thoroughly. 
  • There should be a preliminary check regarding the comfort and also, functional capacity of the e rickshaws. It is important that the passengers enjoy the ride, feel safe, and also, are comfortable. 

What Necessary Changes Should Be Implemented For Improving E Rickshaw Services?

Proper infrastructure will give way to improved services and require the collective support of drivers, manufacturers, and also, the government. Here are some tips that will be beneficial:

  • Adequate charging stations should be installed in the city.  Auto-mechanics must know how to handle problems particular to e rickshaws. 
  • Charging stations can be incorporated with fuel stations without placing a heavy-duty on fuel owners.
  • To lower the cost of e rickshaw batteries further, it is important to manufacture them locally. This will boost our own economy instead of importing them from countries abroad. 
  • Both drivers and manufacturers should comply with the Government policies and norms laid down for safety regulation of electric vehicles. 

Cargo e rickshaws are the best goods carrying vehicles in the market due to their size, weight, and ease of accessibility. Cargo e rickshaw manufacturers in Kolkata are becoming increasingly popular in the city. It helps many small scale business owners distribute their goods efficiently among all their customers. 

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