Electric Rickshaws: Technical Attributes & Reason for Its Popularity

battery operated e rickshaw distributor

E Rickshaws have become the most preferred choice of transportation. If you want to start a business, purchase the latest designs of e-rickshaws from wholesalers. 

E rickshaws have become the symbol of the environmentally sound, clean mode of transport all across the country. Battery-operated e rickshaw distributors are enjoying the boom in the sale of these vehicles as more and more e rickshaw brands are eagerly joining the industry. Conventional fuel vehicles have given us enough reasons like excessive carbon emissions to shift to an alternate mode of transport. 

Technical Features Of E Rickshaws:-

  • The vehicles have brushless motors of 48V, 250W to 800W capacity equipped with reverse gear. 
  • The top speed is limited to 25 Kmph. The wheel-base varies around 2m and its height is around 1.8 m. There is a hand brake for parking and the gradient capacity is around 15- 20 degrees. 
  • 4 batteries are the common requirement of e rickshaws and can be easily charged at home with an input voltage of 220V, 50Hz.
  • The weight of the vehicle varies around 200-250 kgs and also, can comfortably carry 4-5 people. 
  • Previously lead acetate battery was reigning the three-wheeler vehicle industry but now due to its short life span and harmfulness, lithium-ion batteries are everyone’s top priority. 

The Major Causes Of E Rickshaw Popularity Are:-

  • Prolonged Durability:- If you purchase e rickshaws from trusted and reputable toto manufacturers in West Bengal, it can prove to be a noteworthy decision. These vehicles come with prolonged durability and efficiency, thereby demonstrating that your investment will be fruitful in the near future. 
  • Low Running Cost:- Apart from being eco-friendly, e rickshaws help you save cost. Since they run on battery, you can save fuel cost to a maximum extent. So when you have to commute for a short distance, you can trust e rickshaws will be a profitable ride. 
  • Minimum Maintenance:- E rickshaws are robust in construction and also, every toto manufacturer in West Bengal will emphasize the point that these vehicles do not need much maintenance. The best part is essential to spare parts are available at reputable stores, and hence available when the need arises. 
  • Improved Connectivity At The Grassroot Level:- Electric vehicles are ideal for narrow lanes and also, bylanes. There are many rural villages and interior suburban areas that still do not have access to proper roads. E rickshaws are saviors for the people residing in these areas.  Moreover, it has a better turning radius making it suitable to pass through congested roads and even cut-through traffic.  

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