6 Top Advantages of an E-Rickshaw over a Traditional Manual Rickshaw


Electric rickshaws or e-rickshaws have successfully revolutionized the concept and utility of traditional manual rickshaws. It not only ensures a better riding experience for short distances but also equally beneficial for green communication.

Here, some essential advantages of the electric rickshaws over traditional rickshaws are enlisted:

  • Zero pollution – An E-rickshaw runs on battery and not any kind of fuel like petrol or diesel. So, there is no question of smoke emission while functioning. Thus, it is 100% environment-friendly and safer to use.
  • Less expensive Maintenance – An e-rickshaw does not require much maintenance. It is more robust in construction as compared to traditional rickshaws. Also, its essential spare parts are available anywhere, anytime, if required.
  • Low running cost – An e-rickshaw functions on powerful batteries which can be effectively recharged when needed, even at home. It does not require expensive fuels such as petrol or diesel. Thus, it is a lot cheaper to use than traditional rickshaws.
  • Greater turning radius – An e-rickshaw has a lot greater turning radius than that of traditional rickshaws which makes it more convenient to use in congested areas or busy roads. In remote areas where the roads are narrower or in busy cities where there is considerable traffic jams, these e-rickshaws are more preferable to use than manual rickshaws.
  • Generation of high income at less expenditure – An e-rickshaw generates appreciable income at low operational expenses. People who belong to lower class can think of buying an e-rickshaw to greatly boost their monthly income. Frequent repairing will not be needed and there will be no need to purchase high cost fuels like petrol and diesel. The frequent price hikes of these fuels will have no negative impact on the income of these economically weak people.
  • Minimum noise short-distance communication – An electric rickshaw makes little noise while functioning which ensures smooth and comfortable riding experience.


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