An Initiative Towards A Clean Environment: Electric Vehicles

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With the advent of electric vehicles, city dwellers and people in rural areas are in much relief. E- rickshaw manufacturers in West Bengal are leading the way to a cleaner society.

Battery-powered vehicles have become a popular means of transport in India. The reason can be attributed to restrictions imposed on public vehicles that run on traditional sources of fuel and are the main reasons for increasing pollution. For a cleaner environment and financial development, e rickshaw distributors in Kolkata and other cities are paving the way towards a better tomorrow. 

Statistics to Prove Rising E-Rickshaw Market:-

  • India’s three-wheeler market is going to exhibit a CAGR of more than 15% by the end of 2023
  • India’s fleet of e rickshaws is much higher than the total number of electric cars sold in China since 2011. 
  • India is home to 1.5 million battery-powered e rickshaws on which 60 million relays for convenient transportation. The economic slowdown that the country went through recently was not able to slow down the sale of e rickshaws. 
  • The sale of the vehicles amounted to nearly  11000 in the country in comparison to 4000 e rickshaws in 2010. 
  •  There has been a sale of more  than 98% of e-rickshaws in the unorganized sector. 

Why Is Battery Run Vehicles Grabbing All the Attention?

The government too is actively promoting the e rickshaw scheme as an effective environmentally friendly alternative. They play a huge role in lowering the carbon footprint of the environment. With the increase in demand, electric charging stations are also set such that there is no dearth of vehicles on the road. The best part is the three-wheeler passenger-carrying vehicles are helping people from low-income groups earn a decent livelihood. With low investment options and easy maintenance, initially, a person can earn Rs 800 to Rs 1000 approximately which is not a bad start. 

Thus, to Sum It Up We Can Say:

  • The cost of running an ICE ap[proved traditional rickshaw is much higher than the e-rickshaws. For an electric three-wheeler, the cost is only Rs 0.4/km when compared to the traditional models that cost Rs2.3/km. 
  • Also, there are many purchase incentives for e rickshaw drivers as well. 
  • Apart from an immense economic impact, the positive effect it has on our environment is huge. 

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