Proper Maintenance and Servicing Tips for Electric Three-Wheeler Vehicles

E-auto rickshaws have become popular, all thanks to affordability, convenience, and safety. But do you know the best ways to maintain them? Here are some tips for you.

E-rickshaws or battery-operated rickshaws are taking over the roads and India. Hence our country is soon about to witness the emergence of three-wheeler business in abundance.

Market sources have put forth that there are about 1.5 million battery-powered three-wheelers. The majority of vehicles are operating in the NCR region, Uttar Pradesh, Bengal, Bihar, and North Eastern states. 

Did you know that the battery led rickshaw business is growing at the rate of 10-20 percent per annum in India?

The unorganized sectors are the main players in the market as they have been producing nearly 10,000 vehicles in a short time span. Currently, these are the best modes of transportation as they do not pollute the air, are cost-effective, and low on maintenance. 

However, to get great service from e-auto rickshaws, it is important to follow a strict maintenance schedule. Because the more you over it, the more you have to pay later for its service.

Therefore, for the efficient and smooth running of three-wheeler vehicles, you need to keep it in check. 

Useful Maintenance Tips For Your Three-wheeler e auto rickshaw:-

Keep a check on engine oil:

The first and foremost tip to let your 3-wheelers stay in good condition and work efficiently, you need to depend on engine oil. There is a fixed amount of oil that the ones driving to pour to maintain the ratio of fuel to oil.

So keep a tab on this and do excess. Also in a bid to save money do not use cheap and low-cost engine oils. This will damage your vehicle and decrease its efficiency. Good quality oil will give it a good start. 

Prevent it from damaging by rust & also save from foul sparking. 

Do Not Forget To Give Attention To Tire Pressure:

If you are driving an e-rickshaw, an inadequate amount of air pressure in tires will cause a lot of difficulties.

When there is deflation in the tires it loses stability and thus there is no even weight distribution between the vehicle and the tire. 

Even for riders too, they will be uncomfortable. So, for smooth riding and driving, you need to keep in check whether there is sufficient air in the tires or not. 

The Brakes Need Your Focus As Well:

Keep the brakes of your 3 wheelers on a regular check. Sometimes settling of dust on brakes can be a nuisance, and they might not be functioning properly. Now imagine the risk you would run if you are unaware of this faulty situation. 

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