The E-Cycle is a special type of cycle which runs on electricity. It is also called the e-bike. It is driven by electric motor. It has powerful rechargeable batteries. Its design has similarity to that of traditional bicycles. It has high quality brakes and gears which has mainly imported. its spare parts are available at bicyle stores. It is very easy to maintain very less in weight. it does not require any licence to be operated this e-cycle has gear rather than using paddel system.


Plaudit e Cycle is a battery operated Electrical Cycle. The product was produced by using Advance technology , High grade components.

Basic Features

  • contribute to Country’s Pollution free clean air,
  • Create Noise free environment,
  • Promotion of use of alternative to fossil fuel.
  • High revenue due to increase number of passengers.

Extra Features


  • Frame: Carbon stell frame
  • Motor Type: 350W Brushless Motor.
  • Tyre Size:16*2.125
  • Battery: 48V 12Ah Lead Acid Battery
  • Range: 30-50km
  • Max-speed: 35 km/hr
  • Max-loading: 120 Kgs
  • N/W. : 35/38Kgs
  • Break type: Drum Brake