E-Scooters and Motorcycles: Rising Popularity and Advantages

e scooter

E scooter manufacturers in India are thriving in their business as the focus is now on environment-friendly and cost-effective solutions. Read how e-scooters can be beneficial. 

India’s automobile industry is slowly but steadily venturing into battery-powered vehicle manufacturing. Consequently, electric scooters and motorcycles are in the limelight at present. 

The rising demand of energy-efficient vehicles is one of the driving factors that has positively acknowledged the growth in this sector. With more and more people focusing on efficient, reliable, cost-effective, and pollution-free mode of transport, e scooter manufacturers in Kolkata and other cities of the country are benefitting tremendously. 

Furthermore, the upsurge in the sale of battery operated vehicles has been triggered by increased Government policies that support the industry. The growing awareness about pollution, increase in petrol charges, and stringent emission norms are key in changing people’s mindset. 

There are many who still are unaware of the benefits of investing in an e-scooter and often ask why they should get it in the first place. So, to answer their queries here are some advantages of e-scooter over traditional bikes.

Know Why Investing In E scooter And Motorcycles Can Prove To Be Useful?

  • Electric vehicles have huge potential to reduce the dependency on crude oil which is an exhaustive natural resource. With a limited supply of petroleum reserves. It has become extremely difficult to maintain the reserves as the demand is increasing tremendously. As it runs on batteries that are rechargeable, you no longer have to give a visit to the petrol stations. 
  • It is an affordable solution and most people in India. Can afford it without worrying too much about the hike in petrol prices. The budget has always been a deciding factor and at times. We have to drop the idea of buying the product due to the sky-high price. But in this case, you can blindly purchase an e scooter.  Also when you purchase from the leading manufacturers you get assured of the e scooter parts as well in case they become faulty. Thus, in totality, you can benefit from both ends without burning a hole in your pockets. 
  • According to recent statistics. 9 out of 10 people breathe polluted air emitted by automobiles and the smoke let out by various factories. With e scooters, the minimum greenhouse gas emissions per scooter mile traveled are just 200 grams of CO2. 

When compared this emission ranges over 400 grams in the case of traditional vehicles that run on petrol or diesel.  Hence, it is easier to keep the pollution level in check with e-vehicles. 

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