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Important Factors about Construction and Working of E-Rickshaw

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The electric rickshaw has been global since 1940’s from the time of post era. But, its utilization and popularity have actually come into prominence since last 4-5 years. Actually, the concept of tricycles with fuel run emerged at that time, after that the auto rickshaws has dominated the market. It is only in the year 2008 that battery operated rickshaw gain much importance worldwide. Continue reading Important Factors about Construction and Working of E-Rickshaw

E-Rickshaws – The Thing of the Future

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In a heavily polluted country like India, e-rickshaws are a welcome green patch of effective transportation. Entrepreneurs are applying to get dealerships of them and they have very good reasons to do so.

E-rickshaws are slowly becoming the future of transportation in the suburbs of the sub-continent. The fact that they are conventionally green in its usage of power is making it a prime vehicle of choice in a densely populated and polluted country of India and the sub-continent as a whole. Entrepreneurs are investing to buy e-rickshaw as they are finding them to be a vital and good upcoming business opportunity. The point of legality is still a concern for the e-rickshaws and the Delhi high court banned any e-rickshaws plying in the nation’s capital showing reasons of traffic jams. But due to its unique position in India’s ecosystem of transport they are very readily plying unencumbered in the various other parts of India. Continue reading E-Rickshaws – The Thing of the Future

Does your Neighbourhood Rickshaw wallah prefer an E-Rickshaw?

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Rickshaws are a part of the Indian consciousness. With the advent of e- rickshaws, the rickshaw pullers are shifting to these because they are also moving ahead with the times. They are good for both their pocket and health.

Rickshaw is a part of every Indians nostalgia. Wherever you may have lived, you have ridden a rickshaw. Be it in Karnataka or Jammu and Kashmir, rickshaws are always an essential part of our landscape. India is slowly catching up China and might well become the most populated country in the world and in this time of space crunch it is becoming difficult for mobility. Rickshaws are steadily becoming hindrances in the steady flow of traffic in our urban space. Primarily because they are pulled by a person and with a load on their back they cannot cope up with the pace of traffic in a main road or by-lanes of our cities. Battery operated rickshaw manufacturers are trying to revolutionise the way we look at rickshaws. They are fitting rickshaws with electrical motors and increasing the speeds at which they travel. Continue reading Does your Neighbourhood Rickshaw wallah prefer an E-Rickshaw?

Rickshaw Supplier Spell Bounds Feel of Travelling

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Transport is the very essence of life. Some take shelter of it for necessity while some for just exploring life. From traditional era, rickshaw has been an unending source of pleasure for people coming from all walks of society. Technology has touched the very bit of human life and rickshaws are no exception to it. The hand driven rickshaw has slowly given birth to fuel driven varieties. Travelling has become swift and the simultaneous environment has also been hampered. Excessive damage to surroundings has forced human beings to think of more environment-friendly options. Continue reading Rickshaw Supplier Spell Bounds Feel of Travelling

What Makes An E Rickshaw The Best Vehicle For A Rich Transport Business?


Are you jaded of running short distance communication business of same old traditional type of rickshaws or auto rickshaws on which you need to spend almost half of your monthly earnings? Are you thinking about a better way of run a lucrative communication business? Are you thinking about a better, newer and a more cost-effective vehicle to accomplish this purpose? Don’t worry, Battery wala Rickshaw has entered the market to fulfil all the above-mentioned needs. It is an incredible vehicle which promises high income for you at low investment. It will enable you to run a prosperous transport business of short distances anywhere in the country. Continue reading What Makes An E Rickshaw The Best Vehicle For A Rich Transport Business?