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E-Rickshaws are the New Small Business Idea

best small business ideas

In a country like India, people survive on small businesses. E-Rickshaws are a new stepping  stone in the transportation sector of India and it is becoming a very plausible and profitable small business opportunity.

India is a country of small businesses. Most of the population in this country thrives on the concept of ‘jugaad’. The concept of pulling in all your available resources into making a living in your life is the life blood of the Indian mentality. This prompts many problems for many people. Depending on the economic stability, the earnings of the population goes up and down. So people in India are always on the lookout for the best small business ideas. Be it opening a roadside eatery or selling clothes by the busy sidewalk or a dealership of any kind, small business ideas take shape out of nothing in India. E-rickshaws are a bright new business opportunity and many in this country are latching on to this hot new idea like bees to a pot of honey. Continue reading E-Rickshaws are the New Small Business Idea