Plaudit – A Pioneer Reaching Heights with Eco-Friendly e Rickshaws


The history of the advent of e-rickshaw can be traced back to the soil of Japan where human powered rickshaws initially flocked the streets. However, the versatility and convenience of the vehicle resulted in them being incorporated in the transport system of several countries with India being one of the most prominent one. The Japanese word “Jinrikisha” is what gave birth to the now refined term ‘rickshaw’ with ‘jini’ meaning human, ‘riki’ indicating the power of force and ‘sha’ meaning vehicle. The dawn of electric rickshaw suppliers in the market has been a result of the amazing modification brought about in the recent technological age.

Through the passage of time, technological advancement ensured the fact that these rickshaws underwent a great deal of change and be at par with the eco-friendly trend of the modern era. It is here that the idea of e-rickshaw or an electronic rickshaw came into existence.

Introduction of e-rickshaw in the Indian subcontinent

The Indian subcontinent witnessed the onset of E rickshaws in the year 2011, which makes it a quite recent development in the country. There has been a stark rise in the number of E rickshaws in the streets of India. The fact that they fall under non-motorized company, have added on to the benefit of the same. This has led to a massive increase in the number of the E rickshaws from 50000 to the recent figure of 0.2 million in the year 2012 and still counting. Owing to the strength and convenience of the vehicle, a number of states have incorporated the usage of this vehicle.

Government bindings

There has been a certain level of controversy in relation to these electronic vehicles in states like Assam. However, the government is in the process of framing new contractual laws pertaining to the availability of licences for the vehicles. If terms are to be believed, the new law is to grant a permit for a maximum of 4 passengers along with the facility of an insurance for the same.

Prominent advantages of the transport

Ever since its advent in the transport arena, some of the most notable benefits of the electronic vehicle that has been witnessed are:

  • The fact that they are run on battery has paved the way for fuel cost reduction to a certain extent.
  • The amount of electricity consumed is quite less rounding up to a mere 3 to 4 units with each unit costing about Rs.20.
  • With a speed of 25 km/hr, it is in no way dangerous on the congested streets of India, thus making it less accident prone.
  • With an income of about 1000 per day, vendors and drivers easily get the scope to cover up the costs incurred for the electricity which provides a great scope for personal income.


An insight to Plaudit Techno India

An iCAT certified company, Plaudit initiated its journey in the market of e-rickshaw since 2007, and has ever since been one of the most consistent quality supplier of the vehicle in the market. With a vision to popularize the vehicle on a national scale by exploiting its advantages on a larger scale. One of the prime motive to carry out an eco-friendly venture via these vehicles. Taking a country like India into consideration, pollution is one of the prime factors that have been a matter of concern for late. Plaudit Techno India, with a team of the best professionals in the field are dedicated to cater to issues like rising fuel costs and the increasing levels of pollution by developing the most economical vehicles for the common masses. A plaudit e rickshaw is not just economical but eco-friendly to the greatest extent.