How Are E Cycles Influencing The Buying Trends of Customers?

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In the present times, we can rightly say that all of us are living in the future where technology is impacting our lives to a great extent. Among some major breakthroughs in medicine, software, and IT, renewable energies, electric bikes deserve a special mention. Electric bikes or E cycles have become the game changers of the two-wheeler market in the country. They have been successful in creating a positive footprint in many states of India. Moreover, as per e cycle distributors in West Bengal, the electric bike market will soon reach INR 17.43 Bn by FY 2024. Powered by low transportation cost, ease of accessibility, and developing charging stations, the sale is increasing ten times than the last decade.

What Is Driving Customers To Buy E Cycles?

  • E cycles are perhaps the biggest adoption of green transportation of the decade. It is commonly seen that battery-powered vehicles have become a popular means of transport in India. The reason can be attributed to restrictions imposed on public vehicles that run on traditional sources of fuel which increases air pollution. With e cycles, the rechargeable batteries can travel up to 25 to 45 km/h making you reach your destination at a much faster pace. 
  • Additionally, e cycle distributors in West Bengal feel that government initiatives are further fuelling the fire. With a new and improved policy mandate, India is steadily shifting towards electric mobility. This will not only curb pollution but will also be an affordable and convenient mode of transport for shorter distances. 
  • Fierce competition in the market is in a way boosting the electric two-wheeler industry. Promotion and marketing by the biggest brands are catching the attention of customers. 

Advantages Of E Cycles:

  • Assisted Cycling: The pedal assist of these cycles gives much needed pedaling boost to the riders as the design is unique. This results in stress reduction in the thighs and knees which are the most problematic areas for most adults.  
  • Fast And Flexible: Riders get to cover extra miles with little effort. Doesn’t it sound great? Yes, electric cycles let riders take advantage of the cycle lanes and paths that are free from traffic. Also, the durability quotient of the cycles is higher. 
  • A Great Source of Fitness: According to studies and research, riding e-cycles improves regular fitness. It proves to be the best resource to keep them fit both physically as well as mentally. 

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