Important Tyre Maintenance Tips for Your E Rickshaws

e rickshaw tyre maintenance

Are you looking for tips for e rickshaw tubeless tyre maintenance? If yes, you have reached the right place as we have some useful hacks to help you maintain your tyres well. 

Your vehicles’ tires are responsible for your safety and comfort. The better the quality, the better your experience you have while driving. We think everyone will agree on the fact that tires are pretty expensive and they require replacement every 4-5 years. However, within this 4-5 years, you will encounter that your tires are prone to be torn down to shreds or have essentially lost the durability it requires. It is important to take care of the tires in the case of three-wheeler passenger vehicles as well. If you want to ensure your riders’ safety and prolong the life of your tires, e rickshaw tyre maintenance should be on top of your list when servicing the vehicle. 

We Have Put Down Some Basic Facts and Tips For Maintaining Your Tyres Right:

1. Inspect Visually:- 

The first thing is a simple but useful step. You need to check your vehicles’ tyres once a week or at least every fortnight. Use your torch and inspect inch by inch, search if there are any problems or not. Deep treads are crucial for keeping your car safe on wet roads, so do keep in mind that they are legally compliant. 

2. Check Your Tyre Pressure:- 

The owner’s manual or the vehicles’ manufacturer will tell you the correct pressure for your tyres. You need to refill air in the tyres every month or so depending on the specifications. If you overfill your tyres it may crack under pressure and burst. However, a slight excess will not cause any problem and it can reduce the chances of flatspot. This is another maintenance tip that will help you to maintain the long life of your vehicle.

3. Rotate Your Tyres:-

In order to reduce uneven wear and tear, rotating your tyres is a must. While onboarding passengers you will probably not want to stop in between due to any kind of disruption caused by your tyres. Thus, checking whether the tyres rotate properly or not will ensure a safer, smooth, and convenient drive. 

4. Avoid Rash and Erratic Driving:-

Though it is a known fact that battery-operated vehicles are a safe option but reckless driving can always be dangerous. Also in the case of e rickshaws when there is only a single passenger, there are high chances of mishaps as the vehicle is light-weighted it can overturn if driven carelessly or at too high speed. Sudden braking can reduce the shelf life of tyres additionally. 

We hope all these e rickshaw tubeless tyre maintenance tips will help you in the process. For more knowledge about e-rickshaws, make sure you check out Plaudit’s website.