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Buying Guide

For Commercial Passenger vehicle go for our “PLAUDIT 100”.
It has 4+1 capacity. Owner can easily earn of Rs. 500.00 daily.
In one-time charge can run upto 110 K.M., Highest Speed of 25 K.M. per hour.

For Goods Vehicle go for our model “PLAUDIT CARGO”.
It has carrying load capacity 600 K.G. also can climb onto sloping.

For two person personal use peoples can use our PLAUDIT SCOOTER model.
It has top speed 30 to 35 K.M. per hour and one time charge it can run upto 60 to 70 K.M.

Instead of bicycle customer can use our E-CYCLE can run into one time charge upto 40 K.M. (aprox) and it has speed 25 to 30 K.M. per hour.

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