Does your Neighbourhood Rickshaw wallah prefer an E-Rickshaw?

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Rickshaws are a part of the Indian consciousness. With the advent of e- rickshaws, the rickshaw pullers are shifting to these because they are also moving ahead with the times. They are good for both their pocket and health.

Rickshaw is a part of every Indians nostalgia. Wherever you may have lived, you have ridden a rickshaw. Be it in Karnataka or Jammu and Kashmir, rickshaws are always an essential part of our landscape. India is slowly catching up China and might well become the most populated country in the world and in this time of space crunch it is becoming difficult for mobility. Rickshaws are steadily becoming hindrances in the steady flow of traffic in our urban space. Primarily because they are pulled by a person and with a load on their back they cannot cope up with the pace of traffic in a main road or by-lanes of our cities. Battery operated rickshaw manufacturers are trying to revolutionise the way we look at rickshaws. They are fitting rickshaws with electrical motors and increasing the speeds at which they travel.

The Rickshaw Pullers:-

The rickshaw puller of your locality always has always been the unsung hero. He races against time to make you reach your train station just as the train is about to leave the station. He toils in the midday sun, carrying you back from your school after the half yearly exams. They truly are the supermen of our transport system. Now with the coming of these e- rickshaws, most of them are shifting to these. Here are some of the main reasons.

  • Primarily because they are run by motors. Now they do not need to paddle their way out of the scorching sun anymore. They can just rev up the accelerator and the rickshaw moves on its own.
  • Secondly these rickshaws are cost efficient. From the days of the hand pulled rickshaw, these drops of nostalgia have come very far. The e rickshaws though need charging are much more cost efficient as the driver can reach the destination faster than a traditional rickshaw. Moreover with the ready availability of E-Rickshaw Spare parts online and in local repairing garages, the rickshaw pullers can very easily accessing the spare parts.
  • And lastly, these rickshaws are reducing any health problems that rickshaw pullers faced with long hours of puling the rickshaw on their own two feet.

The Permits Required:-

The supreme court in an order recently said that e-rickshaws will not need any sort of special permits to ply on these roads and with the Indian government striving to reach a greener India, these vehicles can become the perfect alternative for a fast paced growing India.

If you are a rickshaw puller or you own a fleet of rickshaws or you are a concerned citizen who wants to do good for their neighbourhood rickshaw puller go and buy a new e- rickshaw today. Plaudit is an E-Rickshaw manufacturer based out of Kolkata who are making state of the art E- Rickshaws for a reasonable price. Apply for your dealership today.