Market Potential of Battery Operated Vehicles: All You Should Know

Why Electric Vehicles Are the Most Preferred Choice in market?

Obtain a cleaner, greener, and safer environment with e rickshaws in Kolkata. Know the current e rickshaw market potential & how it has been impacting the industry ever since. 

Today’s era is drifting from the traditional hand-pulled rickshaws and auto-rickshaws to the most recent modification of E rickshaws. In the words of an e rickshaw distributor in Kolkata, as people are becoming environmentally conscious,  the demand for e vehicles is increasing massively. All the current factors point towards the growth of battery-operated vehicles in the coming 5-6 years. 

Did you know that 72% of the electric vehicles that are operating on the roads in tier 2 and tier 3 cities are providing last-mile connectivity solutions to these people? In a recent report, the facts stated that the e-rickshaw market in India is going to witness a boost in sales from 1 million units to 4 million by 2025. 

Reason For Popularity Of Battery-powered Vehicles:

  • E rickshaws are saviors for the people residing in suburbs and rural areas. These vehicles are better for narrow lanes and bylanes. Also, they have a better turning radius making it suitable to pass through congested roads and even cut-through traffic.  
  • With fuel prices skyrocketing and costing a fortune, maintaining e rickshaws are quite affordable and do not burn a hole in pockets. Since these vehicles run on batteries, the cost of such batteries is meager.
  • With stringent emission norms, awareness about rising air pollution, electric vehicles seem to be a perfect choice. Since these vehicles power on lead batteries or solar energy, there is no question of petrol, diesel, or CNG, thereby causing zero health hazards. 

What Do You Need to Know About the Electronic Vehicle Competitive Market?

  • Though marketers and industry leaders are expecting a high surge in the use of battery-powered vehicles. According to them, the market is highly fragmented. There are a number of unorganized domestic players who have been a massive contribution to sales. But the question is whether their investment in this sector is going to be constant? Or whether this was a one-act play? 
  • Another concern that is hindering the growth to a certain extent is the lack of proper charging infrastructure. Additionally, the battery swapping stations are also less in number when you compare them to the numerous vehicles out on the street. 
  • But the government has taken notice of the hurdles that battery-operated e rickshaw distributors have been facing owing to charging station shortages. A new provision has been finalizing that associates funds into raging adequate charging points. 

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