Privileges And Drawbacks Of Electric Vehicles In India

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Know about the merits and d-merits of electric vehicles in India. Here is what e rickshaw manufacturers in West Bengal have to say.

Electric e rickshaws in a short span of time have become the most popular transport for short distances, From children to adults and senior citizens, everyone enjoys a toto or an e rickshaw ride. This eco-friendly public mode of transport has been a key element in simplifying communication at the rush office and school hours. Affordability, accessibility and cost-effectiveness are the main reasons why battery operated e rickshaw distributors are much in demand. 

Major Advantages Of Battery Powered Three Wheeler Vehicles:

  • Battery-powered vehicles are environment friendly as they run on batteries that need charging for only a few hours.  They do not emit any harmful gases & smog, unlike other fuel-driven alternatives. Hence, they help in minimizing pollution. 
  • Unlike the physically pulled rickshaws, the e rickshaws provide a much more comfortable ride that is smooth. You can worry a little less about backaches and excessive bumpy roads as the rides most of the time feels like a breeze. 
  • If you look from the point of view of an e rickshaw distributor in West Bengal, there are advantages in terms of business too. To start any new venture, the capital requirement is usually extreme. But e rickshaws require the bare minimum investment and the operational cost is also quite low. Reduced expense on fuel and declining battery prices along with government policies, make this venture a profitable one. 

What Are The Current Challenges Of The E-rickshaw Business?

  • In the absence of organized players and lack of strict government policies, are making matters worse in terms of safety. There are a few local toto dealers in Kolkata who design vehicles without keeping in mind the technical and safety guidelines. 
  • There have been reports that uphold the accident cases due to failure of the braking system. It is a shame that there has not been any official checking of the braking systems of the e-rickshaws in most cities. This not only puts the commuters in risk but also jeopardizes the life of others on the streets. 
  • The sharp turning capability of the battery-driven rickshaws coupled with its high speed raises questions about its safety. Sharp turns sometimes topples the e rickshaws, making serious accidents. Thus, buyers and commuters feel that there should be improved load carrying capacities and better torque. This will not only reduce the risk of accidents and give way to safer rides. 
  • The one problem that most e rickshaw drivers face is, there is no adequate number of road charging stations. Due to the lack of e charging stations, many drivers tap into the electric lines on the street to charge. This is not a solution and therefore needs some permanent solutions. 

Once all these problems are roughly taken care of, nothing can limit the power of battery-operated vehicles.  Thus, the quick exposure of e rickshaws on Indian streets has definitely been a boon on the common man. Get in touch with Plaudit e rickshaws, the best e rickshaw manufacturer in West Bengal. Purchase quality electric scooters,  e-bicycles, and e rickshaws.