E Rickshaws In Kolkata: An Affordable & Sustainable Transport Solution

e rickshaw manufacturer in west bengal

The citizens of West Bengal are witnessing an increase in demand for E rickshaws in Kolkata. Here is why Kolkata has become a hub for battery-powered vehicles.

In the past four years, the number of e rickshaws running through suburban and rural West Bengal is increasing every day. In areas where public transport is still not dense, the ICAT approved e rickshaw manufacturers are gaining all the attention. There are several new townships cropping up in the city of Kolkata, and many citizens are looking for rides to get back home. This is where electric vehicles are coming to use as they not only offer a comfortable ride but also make it affordable. 

An electric vehicle seats 5 passengers in total and the fare is usually a nominal one. Also, due to its lightweight and ease of accessibility, it can traverse through narrow roads and lanes. Thus,  you seldom have to wait in a queue during traffic hours  unlike in taxis. Your e rickshaw will pass through the tapering roads and help you reach your destination way early. 

The growing demand for battery-powered vehicles like e-bikes, rickshaws, totos is due to their easy mobility, fuel efficiency, and affordability. Toto manufacturers in West Bengal are also gaining from this business venture as it is turning out to be profitable.


Why Are E Rickshaws In Kolkata Turning Out To Be A Massive Hit?

  • Greener Society: Kolkata is also a metropolitan city and is currently experiencing rising pollution levels. According to World Health Organization reports, the country will be a victim of more infiltrated and chemical-laden air. The increase in population, the purchase of new cars, will further accelerate the pollution levels. Hence, as responsible citizens of the country, it is our duty to urge the government to boost eco-friendly living. The first step towards this will be reliable, environment-friendly, and sustainable transportation options. 
  • Ease of Financing: E rickshaws or totos are helping people from low-income groups earn a decent livelihood. A typical financing scheme goes from Rs. 20,000 down-payment cost with Rs 2000 one month repayment under 2 years. E rickshaw pullers are happy with the financial inclusion and increased loan availability from banks. Many people are working as part-time e rickshaw drivers and satisfied with the income they are generating. Thus, e rickshaws have become a trusted income source. 
  • Maintenance: The availability of spare parts is extremely easy. You will not have to run from one place to another in search. Reputable e-rickshaw manufacturers not only deal in the vehicles but also sell replaceable parts. Maintaining is easier and there is no need to invest a lot in service, unlike other vehicles.

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